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Gazelle International Group FZE

Gazelle International Group FZE was established in Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, UAE in 1999. It has since been involved in imports and distribution of books and journals across the Middle East.

Over the past 14 years, among other things, Gazelle International Group FZE has held talks with international publishers for translation and/or reprint of their books under license.

More recently the company has focused part of its attention on selling the translation rights of fictions and non-fictions published by Iranian and Arab publishers across the region. Gazelle International Group is determined to increase its involvement in this field of activity.

Gazelle International Group FZE picks bestsellers from regional publishers and authors, introduces them to foreign publishers through abstracts, and sells the translation rights of Persian books. Active participation in world-class fairs across the region and beyond is designed to help expand the company’s presence on this front.

Gazelle International Group FZE hopes to be able to offer quality services to all publishers which are interested in translation of Persian and Arabic works of literature.   

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