In the Heart of the Stage
Author: Fariba Vafi
ISBN: 9789646194090
First print: 1996
Last print: 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 92
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
In the Heart of the Stage

In the Heart of the Stage is a collection of 14 short stories which liken human life to a stage and work their way into its depths. The simple, fluid style of writing the author employs along with the book’s suspenseful events and tensions turn it into an intriguing collection. The themes are varied and cover different issues such as infidelity and faithfulness, love and hate, compassion and grudge, as well as forgiveness and revenge. The author masterfully demarcates these feelings. Even when a concept is repeated in different stories, for instance, infidelity which is the theme of several of the author’s stories, her creativity in story-telling along with her original approach transforms it into novelty.   

In the Heart of the Stage is one of the most enthralling stories of this collection whose themes are varied. In the Heart of the Stage features two parallel stories, one happening within the other. In the first one, characters are watching a play the developments of which unfold along with those of the original story. Vafi has masterfully incorporated these stories to create a suspenseful, mystery-like atmosphere. To unravel the secrets of the story one may want to read the book once again. 

In this collection Vafi wades into the world of men too. Whatever she sees there and pictures reflects concerns over relationships which go stale, talents that go to waste, lives which are destroyed in the name of living, dreams that never come true, and humans as they struggle in the midst of hope and frustration. It is a picture of life free of naiveté and credulousness.   

Depending on the narratives there are sometimes two sides to each character. In these stories humans seem to be discontent with what they are and fully aware of this dissatisfaction. Examining the real side to life is painful, that is why the stories of this collection are often moving.    

In the Heart of the Stage, published by Cheshmeh Publishing Co., has received a warm welcome from booklovers and is already on its fifth reprint.

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