On the Way to the Villa
Author: Fariba Vafi
ISBN: 9789643624378
First print: 2008
Last print: 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 104
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
On the Way to the Villa

On the Way to the Villa is a collection of nine stories. The main characters of all these stories are women and most have female narrators. Fariba Vafi keeps an eagle eye on the world of modern, urban women and vividly portrays their anxiety, loneliness, likes, dislikes and concerns. In these stories love is clouded by the routines and misunderstandings of our daily lives, but remains there and needs a slight prodding to reemerge.  

On the Way to the Villa, the first of the short stories this collection brings together, focuses on a married woman who lives with her mother and two young children. In the absence of her husband, who is constantly away on assignment, she juggles the family responsibilities. She feels totally drained of liveliness, thus hardly expresses any feelings toward the people around her. Consequently, she takes up her sister on her offer and goes to her villa to take a time-out. A simple incident turns this trip, which was originally meant to help her shake off the boring routine of life, into self-exploration and a welcome reemergence of long-forgotten emotions.  

Across the Highway features a mother who sees an impossible-to-cross freeway separating her from her son. Grimace focuses on an unsophisticated, stay-at-home woman. She and her husband are both dissatisfied with her current status. Saffron Halva portrays a middle-aged woman’s loneliness and her fear of death. She makes a new dying wish every day in hopes of bridging the gap between herself and her children. Ironically, her daily review of the end of life is designed to keep death at arm’s length. Coffee Shop conveys a new feeling all through. And Wolves is the story of faithfulness and infidelity and the thin line that separates the two.  

On the Way to the Villa, published by Cheshmeh Publishing Co., has drawn a warm welcome from booklovers and is now on its fifth reprint. 

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