Bluer Than Sin
ISBN: 9789643115456
First print: 2004
Last print: 2010
Main language: Persian
Page count: 125
Publisher: Qoqnoos Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
Bluer Than Sin

Bluer Than Sin – a novel in 10 chapters – centers on a young man who is arrested and interrogated for murder.

An old Qajar prince and a princess are killed. A young man who used to stop by the victims’ house every day – apparently to read poetry to them – stands accused of their murder. But he vehemently denies any involvement. As the interrogation drags on, he reveals some previously unknown facts about the nature of his relationship with the victims. In each chapter, the readers are taken off guard by simply believing the version of the story he recounts. That is how in this book mystery blends with romance with a historical flavor. In the end, readers find the book a psychoanalytical story fraught with violence, love and hatred.

Bluer Than Sin has been reprinted by Qoqnoos Publishing Co. six times. Its author Mohammad Hosseini won the “Best Persian Novel of the Year” award from the 6th Mehregan Literary event and walked away with a “Best Novel of the Year” prize from the 5th Hooshang Golshiri Award.

Hosseini, 40, has been an editor of Qoqnoos Publishing Co. since 1999. In 2008 he also took over as editor of the Novels Department of Saless Publishing Co.

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