Let it Be
ISBN: 9789643625146
First print: 2009
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 128
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
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Let it Be

Let’s Forget It and Let it Be are two collections of short stories by Behnaz Alipour. Although these two books were originally released five years apart, the fact that the first one was reprinted several times before the second hit the bookstore shelves prompted many young book lovers, especially those with a keen interest in short stories, to buy them together and read them back to back. In these two collections Alipour focuses on the lives of women in society.

Let’s Forget It, which won the Mehregan Award for the best collection of the year, features nine short stories, each dedicated by the author to one great Iranian writer.

Let it Be, too, bagged the Mehregan Award in 2010. It features nine short stories. Alipour’s stories are good reads and strong as far as writing techniques are concerned. Employment of metaphors and phrases open to interpretation, timely flashbacks and irresistible starts are some of the outstanding qualities of these two collections of short stories.  

These two collections drew a lot of attention from critics – including those who had a favorable view of them and those who did not – both at home and abroad. They were also targeted by the anti-feminist camp. However, Alipour does not view herself as a feminist. She just uses women and their modern lives as the theme of her books which by global short-story standards are very close to the writings by authors at the top of their game. In other words, these books are highly likely to get a warm welcome from all those who are interested in short stories around the world.

These two books have been reprinted several times already and some of their short stories have been translated and chosen for anthologies.

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