Meeting at the Sunny Night
Author: Ali Moazzeni
ISBN: 9789644170829
First print: 1995
Last print: 2010
Main language: Persian
Page count: 152
Publisher: Ghadyani Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
Meeting at the Sunny Night

This war-themed novel focuses on how humans come to terms with war and how victims of the [Iran-Iraq] war (widely known as Holy Defense) affect war and are affected by it.

Karim Safai, the narrator of the story, is a low-level administrator in a public school. To clear the financial hurdles life has thrown his way and to get rid of the constant complaints of his wife, he tries to get a second job. He lands a job recording the recollections of Iranian veterans disabled during the conflict. He makes a lot of progress in the profession and his paycheck leaves a positive impact on both his life and his character. His interviews with two disabled veterans are a preamble to the climax of the book. Two old friends who haven’t seen each other for almost 10 years are reunited.

Thanks to his mastery of writing techniques, in Meeting at the Sunny Night Ali Moazzeni launches oral and narration-themed games and successfully brings them to conclusion. He easily takes the reader into the depth of his story so much so that the reader laughs when the characters of the story laugh, feels pain when they are in pain, and cries when two old friends are reunited.

The 150-page book, which won the 1997 Book of the Year Award, has been reprinted seven times by Ghadyani Publishing House.

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