Fire without Smoke
ISBN: 9789645529299
First print: 1981
Last print: 11th 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 264
Publisher: Roozbahan Publications
Translation rights sold:
Fire without Smoke

“Know me by my beautiful poems and the lovely sound of my music

Know me by my inveterate hatred and the burning sound of my gun

Know me by my horse and the fires I set in a hundred tents,

Call me by my name: Galaan Ooja...”

Fire without Smoke is a long story told over 7 volumes. But each volume contains a separate story with its own conflicts and adventures which are specific to it, so that the reader can read each volume and enjoy it without the need to have read the other volumes. The first volume entitled Galaan and Soolmaz is 264 pages long.

The love of Galaan from Yamoot for Soolmaaz from Gookalaan is forbidden by old tribal hostilities which prevent their union in marriage. This is a love story which takes place against the background of battles between two of the greatest Turkman tribes in Iran. Galaan the warrior is the best poet of the desert; he is vengeful, cruel and supremely honest; Soolmaaz is the most beautiful as well as the bravest girl in the desert; she is also exceptionally proud. Their love is a mad and wild love.

Galaan, in keeping with the Turkman tradition, must kidnap his love from her tent, put her on the back of his horse and take her away with him. But his action increases the hostility between Yamoot and Gookalaan.

Fire without Smoke is one of the finest works by Nader Ebrahimi, who was awarded the title of one of the “chosen novelists in the 20 years post Revolution”.

Based on this novel, Ebrahimi made a television series of the same name which was very popular in Iran and had many viewers. The prose in this novel is full of succinct and pithy sentences which can be remembered and repeated by readers from one generation to the next. In addition, Fire without Smoke, with its eastern tribal settings, is a unique piece of modern Iranian writing.

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