Forty Short Letters to My Wife
ISBN: 9789645529190
First print: 1989
Last print: 23Rd 20013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 140
Publisher: Roozbahan Publications
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Forty Short Letters to My Wife

My dearest!

Happiness is not a letter that the postman, ringing the bell one day, delivers into your hand.  Happiness is making a little doll from soft and impressionable dough... as simple as that, I swear by God that it is as easy as that; but remember that the dough must be made of love and faith and nothing else...

Happiness is this faint and subtle perfume of understanding which has filled your home...


This collection was received with such extraordinary enthusiasm by the Iranian public, that the publisher has recently reprinted the book for the nineteenth time.

Forty Short Letters to My Wife is a collection of letters that Nader Ebrahimi wrote to his wife while practicing calligraphy, in which he talks about their life together, their love and their difficulties, meanwhile recounting some memories and exploring their deep shared anxieties.  It seems that for him, this writing is not just calligraphy practice.  But, it’s an exercise in dialogue; an exercise in life; and an exercise in love.

In these letters Ebrahimi is waging war on the difficulties of daily life, seeking their roots and talking affectionately about them in order to dispel them.  Ebrahimi is, rightly, seeking the strongest links within the warm walls of the home; the incentive for analysing the problems and sorrows and removing them, and for colouring the happiness and good memories, is that of maintaining and keeping alive the warmth of family and home:

We shall never become stale. This is an active escape forward from staleness.  This book is devoted to proving the very essence of paradoxical situations.”

Although the book is a collection of individual letters, there is a cohesion in the subject matter which is told in the first person - the writer – and makes us follow the book as if it were a narrative, ultimately arriving at a perfect picture of a life and love, with all its darkness and brightness. 

The Letters address all those who look for love beyond the confines of their homes and in the wider world and who, like Ebrahimi, are preoccupied with fundamental problems affecting man and his hardships and the future of the children of the world. 

My dearest!

Do not leave the small boat of your heart in the hands of the great ocean of sorrow!  At least erect a sail, try to row, and put up a struggle against the wind!

The most powerful storm is only a visitor of the ocean and not its owner.

Ride the storm.

And be aware that your submission to depression will harm our children and all the children in the world.

Because they need to see true and sincere happiness in order to recognise it...

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