The Vat
ISBN: 9789641650430
First print: 2000
Last print: 2013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 150
Publisher: Moin Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
The Vat

The Vat is set in a small grade school in a desert village. Students of the primary school drink water from a big vat which cracks during a cold winter night. Repairing the vat or replacing it becomes a major concern of the residents of the village.
Books penned by Hooshang Moradi Kermani are known to almost everyone across Iran. His audience spans generations. The Vat is a simple story full of skirmishes that form the links of the story chain and reflect the knotty side of a culture.
In this book children serve as a bridge between their own world and that of adults. The contradictions and connections between these two worlds turn The Vat into a story liked by both adults and adolescents.
The book is not solely reflective of bitter realities of life; rather, in it the author focuses on the joys of rural people as well.
“Ever since he’s returned from school, he’s been sitting outside the coop, waiting for the chicken to lay an egg so that he could paint it and take it to school.
In the coop, the chicken was moving around, cackling.
She turned around and closed her eyes to avoid eye contact with Sadegh.
Sadegh was on his knees outside the coop, with a pen in his hand. He kept looking underneath the chicken. That it was taking so long was getting under his skin.
‘Hurry up. What’s with you?’ he said. And his mother was laughing.”

Some of the international prizes The Vat has picked up include:
An accolade from José Marti Festival in Costa Rica
“Blue Cobra” Award in Switzerland
“Book of the Year Award” from the Austrian Culture Ministry in 1994
“Golden Leopard Award” of Locarno Festival for best adaptation in 1994

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