Burning Plains
ISBN: 9789643376435
First print: 2011
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 362
Publisher: Neyestan Book
Translation rights sold:
Burning Plains

Burning Plains is the latest historical novel by Sadegh Karamyar. The story that dates back to the time when the British discovered oil in southern Iran centers on Sheikh Khazal – a tribal chief in [the province of] Khuzestan.

In the 216-page book released by Neyestan Publishing Co. the author transforms a less-viewed aspect of Iran’s contemporary history into a novel that keeps the readers riveted as it progresses.

The novel, set in Khuzestan in the early 1800s, details the prevailing atmosphere of the time, the lifestyle of regional people of Arab origin, and tribal relations. However, the most important part of the novel focuses on the role the British played there as well as on why they would not or could not set the stage for the secession of the region from Iran as was the case elsewhere.

Burning Plains is not the first historical novel penned by Sadegh Karamyar who seems to have spent a lot of time researching the subject. After all, putting the lifestyle of regional people and their beliefs and personalities under the microscope from a distance is next to impossible.

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