ISBN: 9789645571663
First print: 2000
Last print: 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 90
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:

Being Forty is the most successful work of Nahid Tabatabei, a popular and prolific Iranian author. Being Forty is a story about indulging in pleasant memories while confronting life’s realities. It is about a woman’s former love that becomes intertwined with her current life. Tabatabaei provides profound and accurate insights into a story that is both personal and universal. She details the concerns and frustrations arising out of the monotony of the life of a modern, attractive and seemingly happy woman. The book has been reprinted ten times and in its theatrical version starred one of Iran’s most notable actresses, Leila Hatami - most recently acclaimed for her role in “A Separation” - as “Alaleh”. The book has also won several literary awards.

Alaleh, works for a major opera house and is in charge of coordinating various performances. She was once a music major in university and played the cello superbly. News that Hormoz is to conduct a classical performance in the opera house evokes the memories of her youthful romance.

Alaleh is not certain how to prioritize married life and family, profession, love of music and interest in cello, previous romance, and social conditions. She is uncertain how to keep herself young or if doing so is possible at all. She doesn’t know how to bring things under control and remain in charge.

“Am I still young?” and “Or am I already over the hill?” are the questions she can’t get off her mind. Most women who approach middle age have to grapple with such feminine questions.

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