Hallway to Paradise
Author: Nazi Safavi
ISBN: 9789643112134
First print: 1999
Last print: 2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 448
Publisher: Qoqnoos Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
Hallway to Paradise

Mahnaz, the only daughter of a traditional aristocratic family, is engaged to her childhood friend Mohammad at the age of 16. The couple begin an affectionate relationship. Mahnaz believes she has everything a girl needs to be happy: beauty, a supportive family, an intelligent fiancé who loves her and in-laws that treat her as one of their own. What she fails to understand is that love is like a flower that needs constant care and attention and even sacrifice to stay alive. Soon after the engagement, the first signs of conflict emerge. The disagreements seem petty but Mahnaz’s naivety, false pride and selfishness turn them into serious sources of tension. Instead of looking for a solution and seeking advice, she continues her childish behaviour, driving Mohammad to his wits’ end. The couple separate and soon after, Mahnaz is admitted into university. The different atmosphere and her new friendships transform Mahnaz’s personality. She starts to rediscover herself and gains a sense of self-confidence she’s never had before. Mahnaz also discovers that she is still in love with Mohammad. While blaming herself for the years of separation, she accidently comes face to face with her former fiancé.

In her book The Hallway to Paradise, Nazi Safavi turns an everyday topic into a gripping and strikingly distinctive novel that has captured the imagination of a growing number of Iranian readers.    

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