ISBN: 9789647529617
First print: 2004
Last print: 2009
Main language: Persian
Page count: 60
Publisher: Ravayat Fath Publications
Translation rights sold:

Hannaneh is a 60-page novella portraying the sad yet hopeful life of Hannaneh Nazzari who turns out to be a heroine in overcoming the fallout of the war. In fact she is very much like thousands of other war heroes who drift into oblivion after the conflict. Ironically, an ugly phenomenon like war helps create individuals who are so beautiful on the inside.
“Her father has left her nothing palpable except for a family name and a photo framed in brown wood and hung on the wall, always staring them in the eyes. Hannaneh knew none of her five siblings looked as much like their father as she did. She had curly dark hair and olive complexion with facial features that stood out. Her father was mixed-raced, born to an Iranian mother and an Arab father. Her mother said little of their father, a man she had lived with for just eight years. ‘You owe your father Hassan for all you have,’ she’d say.”
In order to author Hannaneh, Maryam Baradaran invited Hannaneh Nazzari, the daughter of Martyr Hassan Nazzari, from Abadan to the capital. The book, an honest account of Hannaneh’s life, came after interviews with her that lasted 10 hours in total. The straightforward tone of the narrator gives readers a chance to better digest the ferocious eight-year war.

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