The Zurich Passenger
Author: Marjan Riahi
ISBN: 9789649622576
First print: 2011
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 64
Publisher: Javid Elm Publications
Translation rights sold:
The Zurich Passenger

Marjan Riahi is the author of a collection of 53 short letters, both literary and poetic, that she groups under the title The Zurich Passenger. This “passenger” is an imaginary character who has vanished and Marjan Riahi writes letters to him and for him. The “Zurich” in this book is not the world famous city in Switzerland, but a city that is a product of the author’s imagination. Riahi’s style is smooth and supple, while her poetic prose evokes a passionate response in the reader. The literary content of The Zurich Passenger focuses on the concerns of a modern Iranian woman writing to her anonymous “passenger”. As well as expressing the beautiful feelings of a female artist, her work delves into areas of the human condition: hope, compassion, peace, childhood, the moon, nature, the desert sun, people’s shadows on the wall, friendship and love. The resonant messages of The Zurich Passenger are not localized but universal, able to be enjoyed by readers all over the world.

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