Wolves Are Not Afraid of Snow
ISBN: 9789645364210
First print: 2008
Last print: 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 279
Publisher: Ghadyani Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
Wolves Are Not Afraid of Snow

Life overshadowed by an earthquake takes center stage in Wolves Are Not Afraid of Snow. Two rural young men part ways over a minor dispute. The end of their friendship on a sour note marks the beginning of an adventurous rivalry. On a very cold afternoon, they decide to walk to a remote spring to see whether it’s frozen over, a dangerous feat their friends don’t dare undertake.

Bitter cold, darkness of the sky, the likelihood of falling prey to wolves and getting stranded in a snowstorm in the mountains, and the sadness such an adventure would bring to their lonely parents do absolutely nothing to stop them. Eventually they cover the distance and find the spring frozen, complete with mesmerizing, huge icicles reflecting the afternoon light. 

Suddenly a loud bang sends the icicles tumbling, and Yousef is trapped under a mountain of ice. They save their lives with difficulty and return to their village just before sundown. But the village is no longer where it used to be, and cruelty of life begin to show its ugly face.

Wolves Are Not Afraid of Snow won Iran’s “Book of the Year” award in 2007. It also won the “Book of the Season” award and the top prize of the “Children and Young Adults’ Book Festival” of 2009. The 279-page novel has been published by

Ghadyani Publishing House, a successful printing house dedicated to publishing books for children and young adults.

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