Night of the Possible
ISBN: 9789643626372
First print: 2009
Last print: 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 160
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
Night of the Possible

Mohammad Hassan Shahsavari – the author – uses dusk to transform a classic, modern novel in order to allow the reader to see what is there to see and even to choose what to see and what not to. This makeover turns The Night of Possible into a story full of suspense and intriguing conflicts.
It starts off as a fascinating romance. Each chapter is self-contradictory and builds a new beginning. Night of the Possible reveals the true colors of humans and challenges the reader’s initial perception, so much so that they grow doubtful about the truth and whether or not there has been any truth, to begin with. The story features dialogues among the author, narrator, main characters and even the critic. Unlike other modern classics, it does not conceal the presence of these players.
The Night of Possible is both a social critique and a psychoanalytical story few critics have been able to ignore. The book grabbed a lot of attention on Iran’s literary front and turned out to be a pleasant, new phenomenon in the country’s literature. It was nominated for “Golshiri” and “Once Upon a Time” literary awards. It walked away with an accolade from “Vav Literary Award” that goes to novels which are different. Cheshmeh Publications has reprinted this 116-page novelette five times already.

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