The Spoils
ISBN: 9789643375846
First print: 2010
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 182
Publisher: Neyestan Book
Translation rights sold:
The Spoils

The US-led invasion of Iraq and its correlation with the war [Saddam’s] Iraq waged against Iran is the central theme of this successful 182-page novel by Sadegh Karamyar – published by Neyestan Publishing House. It centers on the relationship between Aslan, an Iranian man and a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war who is opposed to the US, and his son Peyman who disagrees with his own father and supports the US-led invasion of Iraq.

The story is set in 2002 and 2003 and focuses on Aslan’s family. Aslan was among Iranian soldiers who put up a fight against Saddam’s army to shield the Iranian city of Khorramshahr from invading forces. He lost his daughter during the invasion.

Twenty years on, he sees images of a woman on TV – during the US-led invasion of Iraq – and thinks that she is the daughter he lost two decades earlier. He travels to Iraq, which is now under occupation, in search of his lost daughter, locates her, and tries to bring her back home.

The approach of The Spoils, which is set in the thick of war and also features efforts by Aslan to save an American servicewoman involved in a serious road accident, is so humanly in nature that makes it an ideal read not just for Iranians but for people all over the globe.

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