Lips on a Blade
ISBN: 9789643626327
First print: 2010
Last print: 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 164
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
Lips on a Blade

Lips on a Blade is a 164-page novelette by Hossein Sanapour, published by Cheshmeh Publications. It is the story of Samaneh, a beautiful girl in her late teens. One night as she walks in a quiet alley, a group of professional thugs, involved in shady business with Samaneh’s father, seeks to kidnap her. A motorcyclist – who often appears out of the blue when Samaneh is out and whose glowing eyes often send chills down her spine – saves her from the would-be kidnappers. But the rescue comes at a hefty price: He stabs to death two of the abductors before they run away. The violent incident petrifies Samaneh and ushers in a fundamental transformation in her life. In fact, she inadvertently leaves behind her youthful innocence. In the following chapters the friends of the dead kidnappers seek revenge and their ties to Samaneh’s stepmother come to light.
Hossein Sanapour is a famous author whose special writing style has a huge following in Iran. This novel features realist, violent happenings involving lower-class urban population in Iran. The crime pages of Tehran-based newspapers are fraught with similar incidents.

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