Playing House
ISBN: 9789643117337
First print: 2008
Last print: 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 240
Publisher: Qoqnoos Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
Playing House

Playing “House” is a 240-page novelette which centers on a couple Nahid and Masoud, who is bigamous and has two children with another woman.
Nahid, born in a small village, has studied literature in the best university of the capital and is now a writer. Masoud, a fellow student of Nahid’s during the college years, is an intellectual whose major youthful concern was to fight for justice and for elimination of political and social repression. As a result of their political activism, the two were reprimanded by university officials, and the very same thing led to their acquaintance and eventual marriage. Their idealistic union is beset by marital troubles which have their roots in the past and in their different intellectual and social mindsets.
In fact Playing “House” takes a critical look at intellectuals in modern-day Iran and portrays their contradictory destiny in an environment which is anything but ideal. Thanks in part to its psychoanalytical layers and boldness in sailing into uncharted waters, the novel has been a success in dealing with the world of women, a different world that has emerged on the back of a transformation: that of an eastern, traditional woman to a modern one. So Playing “House” could be viewed as a book following a feministic, eastern approach.
Playing “House” has been reprinted six times by Qoqnoos Publishing House – a major player in the publishing business in Iran for four decades.

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