Dr. Datis
ISBN: 9786006846040
First print: 2012
Last print: 2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 197
Publisher: Cheshmeh
Translation rights sold:
Dr. Datis

 Dr. Datis is a novella about the story of the life of a young dentist named "Datis Almassi", who, after graduating from Tabriz University and finishing his internship in then north of country, is to choose either becoming a doctor or completing his higher education, between which, he chooses the former. "Between the path to the quest of knowledge, a way flourished with up's and down's, and a lubricative job filling my pockets, I, Datis Almassi, chose the latter, yes, the latter, all shamefaced and soul-trembling," as he himself accounts for his choice in the opening of the story. The problem of having the required score to get a medical license sends him off to a vicinity in the margin of Tehran, a vicinity called "Saasang" which is not even found on the map. The novella, Dr. Datis, accounts for five years of Datis' work and living in Saasang vicinity. Dr. Datis is an account of the routine life of a different and isolated man. He thinks differently and thus cannot or does not intend to adapt himself to the shams and necessities of the society and so confines himself to the life-form of a dentist as determined by the society. He, in a quite self-determined fashion, tries not to socialize with his patients. Dr. Datis is an attractive story to read that, having a plain and compelling language, simply engages the reader in the plot.

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