The Living Man
Author: Ahmad Mahmoud
First print: 1997
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 198
Publisher: Moin
Translation rights sold:
The Living Man

Hentoush, without two coins to rub together and deeply in debt to all the shops and stores in the neighborhood hears about the head of the government-Rafiq al Rais’s determination to fight the vast-spread corruption so he pens a letter to him revealing names of venal corrupt persons. This brings Hentoush much praise, acclaim and prosperity unsuspecting that he had participated in the government’s staged scheme in hunting down all opposition members. Hentoush is executed yet his spirit returns to haunt Adibeh, the love of his life. Big Rafiq’s servants seize Adibeh and take her to an unknown place. Hetnoush not knowing of Rafiq’s evolvement in the abduction seeks his help only to find out that he is the mastermind. Adibeh is at a mental asylum where all the other opposition members are also chained and locked doomed to a vague destiny.

The Living Man is a perfect political satire. Mahmoud has published this novel under an alias as if pouring scorn on the regime that banned his work. Mahmoud’s layered sarcasm has made The Living Man a caricature and mockery of dictatorship, mental and political. On the basis of a dynamic magical realism, simple-minded Hentoush entangled in a political farce takes us to the depth of a stirring human tragedy.

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