Carpet-Moustache Grandpa
ISBN: 9789643698119
First print: 2012
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 268
Publisher: Ofoq
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Carpet-Moustache Grandpa

One day at school, the protagonist is told that his parents had to go on a trip and he should stay at his grandparents’ for the time being. His grandfather has a very big moustache for which he is famous. However, after a TV crew makes a program about his moustache and it is aired, a curious thing happens. Grandpa’s moustache grows longer and bushier every day. One morning when they wake up, they see that his moustache has grown beyond the bedroom to the hallway and then to the yard. Another day his moustache grows so much that he can’t enter the house and the moustache gradually starts to rebel. Long story short, the moustache disrupts his whole life. The only person in the household who is happy about all this is the boy. Grandma insists that Grandpa must shave his moustache. The grandfather is doubtful, but when he sees the boy’s happiness, he decides not to do so. Suddenly he has an idea. He gives the management of his moustache to his grandson and tells him that if he can find a worthy use for it, he will keep the moustache…

The author of this novel is Ali Asghar Seyed-Abadi, one of the acclaimed writers of children’s and young adult literature who has received many prestigious children’s book awards in Iran.

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