The Throneless Prince of the Underground
ISBN: 9789643626488
First print: 2009
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 128
Publisher: Vanoosheh
Translation rights sold:
The Throneless Prince of the Underground

The Throneless Prince of the Underground tells the adventure of five boys who want to dig an underground tunnel in order to travel across the globe from Iran to the United States.

 The difference between the restrooms in Iran and the US is the main reason for them to undertake the mission. Therefore, as the witty member of the group suggests “We’ll go to take a piss in the US and come back.”

One member is against this suggestion. This journey is like fun for four of them, but it is different for him. His brother has escaped from Iran due to political nonconformity. He has heard that his brother is in the US and He wants to find his brother. They start their journey by digging the ground. After a few days of digging, their dream gradually fades away in the light of the strenuous reality. They give up on their dream one by one; all except the boy who is looking for his brother…

 The whole story is narrated through chat between one of the teenagers who is now a middle-aged man and his teenage daughter.

Although the subject matter of this novel is bitter, the ambience is comic. The reader experiences an atmosphere that is unmatched in the books written for the

The author of this novel is Ali Asghar Seidabadi, one of the acclaimed writers of children’s and young adult literature who has received many prestigious children’s book awards in Iran.

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