The Story of a City
Author: Ahmad Mahmoud
ISBN: 9789645643476
First print: 2002
Last print: 2007
Main language: Persian
Page count: 612
Publisher: Moin
Translation rights sold:
The Story of a City

The Story of a City is the second sociopolitical novel of the author, Ahmed Mahmud, which gives an account of the life events of four students of the military school who are the adherents of an armed and leftist organization. After the coup of 1953, and the military division of the organization being exposed, they are exiled to a remote city in the south of Iran. The story is narrated by one of these four characters, namely, Khalid. While in exile, Khalid gets to know Ali. The Story of a City is an account of the dreams and ambitions of these two characters being shattered: Khalid and Ali are both broken-hearted and have gone through a saddening course of events: Khalid is carrying the weight of a political defeat and Ali's soul is imprinted by a defeat in his family and love life. They meet each other in a crossing called Lengeh Harbor and from there go to the darkest extremes of their destiny. In a suicidal act, Ali loses his life and Khalid, with a broken mentality, goes back to his hometown and thus faces the bitter destiny that fate has placed before him. The Story of a City is the story of a generation who sacrificed its life for its ideals. The Story of a City is the story of despotism, austerities, defeats, fight, resistance, and self-sacrifice. The Story of a City is the story of life itself

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