The Burnt Land
Author: Ahmad Mahmoud
ISBN: 9789645643490
First print: 2009
Last print: 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 329
Publisher: Moin
Translation rights sold:
The Burnt Land

The Burnt Land is a touching, moving, and readable narrative of a protagonist called Ahmad from the outbreak days of Iraq-Iran war. In this novel, Ahmad Mahmoud, the author, portrays a realistic image of the lives of Khuzestan inhabitants in this period in a dynamic and animate tone. In other words, the author recounts the war through the lives of ordinary people, the people whose humble lives are being devoured by the war monster. The story is narrated by an omniscient narrator - the author himself - and through his account of the flavor of the town in the last summer days, and right before the schools' reopening. Yet, this time, the good old livelihood of the town in the beginning of the fall is overshadowed by anxiety and tension. The dwellers of the central city notice enemy's tanks approaching to no less than 200 meters behind the borderline, while crowing their threatening presence. A few days later, on the last summer day, the war breaks out. After the fall of a few border towns, the numbered family of the author sets off to immigrate to other cities and take refuge in them; yet, four members of the family, the narrator included, stay in the fallen town. After the narrator's paternal house being bombarded, he moves to another neighborhood and become acquainted with other characters who play a significant role in the story; that is, the story of a horrifying end, and end that portrays the violence, brutality, and gloominess of war.



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