A Bad Year
ISBN: 9786006846477
First print: 2013
Last print: 2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 142
Publisher: Zavosh
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A Bad Year

A Bad Year is the story of a Ghalandar, a rural boy who is a capital-dwelling student in the apex of the revolution, in the year 1978. In days of passion and idealism, he, as is the case with many other young people, develops a sympathy with one of the political groups that, beyond all others, claim standing for the people. The young Ghalandar becomes sympathetic to the group and starts selling their newspaper in the streets and thus envisions himself as a hero upon whose shoulders weights the mission of liberating the people. Yet, a short while after the revolution, there is a turn of events and the organization to which he is adherent steps into an armed opposition against the revolutionary government. The adherents of this organization are arrested and so does Ghalandar escape from the capital and seeks refugee in his hometown while hiding in a barn with the hope that one day he will be saved with the help of the organization in question. His self-imprisonment takes 24 years and the organization never comes after the plighted adherent... The novella of A Bad Year is, according to its author, based on real events and has turned out to be a charming and readable yet utterly bitter and shocking story of the life of a young man who, in quest of an illusory ideal, becomes ill-fated with his own hands.

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