The Stone of Salam
ISBN: 9786006970066
First print: 2013
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 240
Publisher: Asr-e-Dastan
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The Stone of Salam

The Stone of Salam is a novella written by Mohammad-Reza Bairami narrating the journey of a handful of young men to a village where they hold religious and ritualistic ceremonies every year, which attracts a massive crowd from all over the country to the village. Yet, on the way, certain problems welcome the journey-makers of this story so that, by keeping the vow of friendship and camaraderie, and by supporting one another and risking themselves to save each other, they come to take some wise lessons of life along their journey. The Stone of Salam is, in the first paragraph, self-introduced as such: "There were four of them. In a rainy evening weekend, they hit the road to go to a holy shrine to hold their ceremony for which everyone from the villages nearby would come to participate. They hit the road, but never arrived. Even though they say the world is rather small and people, by fate, in this atmosphere quite frequently come to meet each other, no pilgrim has seen them again." 


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