Watermelon with Love
ISBN: 9786005225129
First print: 2009
Last print: 7th2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 80
Publisher: Charkh-o-Falak
Translation rights sold:
Watermelon with Love

The collection of short stories Watermelon with Love includes six humorous pieces titled as "The Deep-hearted Yawn," "The Tree of Friendship," "Farewell Sultan Sanjar," "The Vicious Hour," "The Docks of the Night," and "Water with Love". The theme of every story in this collection is social and familial. Hassan-zadeh, the author, in all these stories has managed to tacitly hint at the family relations and issues rising among family members such as squabbles, naiveties, and con arts, with a plane and fluent language. Watermelon with love both entertains its teenage readers and, with a plane and fluent language, familiarizes them with the problems dominant in familial relationships. All events of these stories are narrated by Saeed, a teenager himself, who, along with his two sisters, Susan and Sonbol, his kind-hearted and poet-like father, and his mother who manages the family and is dubbed "lieutenant" and keeps cleaning up all the mess that the father makes one after the other, rises funny occasions.

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