Zoroaster's Final Journey
ISBN: 9789643117184
First print: 2007
Last print: 4th, 2013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 351
Publisher: Qoqnoos Publishing House
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Zoroaster's Final Journey

The young Zarathustra protests against the butchery of cows in Mithraic temples. To send him off away from having to bear the possible consequences, his parents send him to a sage outside the city. One of the maxims of Zarathustra's teaching is wisdom. Zarathustra spends some time with that sage and, after having completing his apprenticeship with the sage, sets off to the other temples of other religions and other sages. After spending some years, he begins to speak of Ahura Mazda. Being spurred by the priests, people seek after his life. Hence Zarathustra escapes from the city and, on the long way to Bactriana (Balkh), undergoes the conspiracy of those who are relentless toward any new thought. They deem him to be a sorcerer. Yet, he eventually arrives in Bactirana safe and sound and goes to King Goshtasp's palace. There, too, he undergoes the conspiracy of the High Priest residing in the palace. They deem him to be a sorcerer again. After going under numberless hardships and troubles and being imprisoned, in face of the High Priest's conspiracy being unmasked, and after successfully having been tested and vindicated by remaining unhurt while tolerating melted copper upon his chest, Goshtasp hearkens what Zarathustra has got to say. After king Goshtasp's conversion to Zarathustra's religion, conspiracies against him, who is the harbinger of gayety, grandeur, reconciliation, and endeavor, do not cease to exist.

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