The Dead of Maurice Island
ISBN: 9786009093953
First print: 2012
Last print: 2nd, 2013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 292
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
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The Dead of Maurice Island

“Reza Shah” the King of Pahlavi, after being dethroned, leaves Iran to India. Yet, while on the way, he realizes that his destination is an island in the South East of Africa, somewhere at the end of the world: Morris Island. The Dead of Maurice Island is a readable narrative of the life of a despotic king in an imposed solitude and loneliness preoccupied with horrifying nightmares that do not let him be.

The story beings when the king is informedthat the passengers of a ship have come to Maurice Island and demand to be granted a visit with the king. Not knowing anything in the regard, king expresses his surprise and wonders why he had not received a telegram about all this in advance. The passengers, however, one after the other, go to the king's private mansion or, on occasions, manifest themselves from the back of trees with a dreadful apparition and approach to the Ivan in which the king is having a rest. The presence of all the passengers of the ship, with all of whom the king is personally acquainted, makes him arrive at the conclusion that some hypocrisy is at issue. Some secretive meetings held in a cafe, somewhere in the city, reinforces this belief. He decides to abandon the remote island, but this does not render easily possible. Who are these ghosts? What do they want from the exiled king? Will he, in face of leaving his exile shelter, get to dispense with them?


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