The Blurred City Mayhem
ISBN: 9789643627669
First print: 2009
Last print: 1th, 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 117
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
The Blurred City Mayhem

The Blurred City Mayhem is a collection of five stories, each of which narrates a story from Iranian citizens. Colonel the first story narrates the last days of saber-rattling of an old colonel by a young female writer who has recently moved to the neighborhood.

The Blurred City Mayhem is the second story of the collection. A young soldier from a small abandoned village starts his first day of military service as a traffic policeman in metropolis of Tehran. He is charged with controlling traffic by manually changing the traffic light in one of crowded crossroads of the city. Although he is not familiar with heavy traffics, he could manage the situation and feels irresistible exultation in his new position of authority…

Ordering a tombstone is the third story of this collection. A young girl passed away and her friends decide to buy the most beautiful white tombstone for her. And this is the beginning of story.

A tatty shroud is the fourth story of the book. It is a long story about death, superstitions and father-land. The story has surrealistic sphere and has some references to the classical modern literature of Iran.

The last night is the last story of the collection. It is written in the memory of the victims of Bam earthquake. Nazi, a young girl who is going to immigrate to Canada, in the last night of staying in Iran reviews the memory of the night of the earthquake. While she is talking about the night before the earthquake and her roommates, she makes a big question during the story; does immigration help her to get rid of the memories and death?

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