The Tales of Madjid
ISBN: 9789645643889
First print: 2002
Last print: 26th, 2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 680
Publisher: Moin Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
The Tales of Madjid

The Tales of Madjid is a collection of stories that narrate the life events of an adolescent named Madjid. The protagonist of the story is a teenager who has lost his mother and lives with his grandmother. Madjid and his grandmother, Bibi, move from their village to Kerman, a city in Iran, so that Madjid gets to go to school and receive education. He is a very curious, naughty, articulate, and yet plain person. His naughtiness and curiosity continuously result in new childish messes and, while trying to clean them up, he causes funny and entertaining incidents happen. There has also been a TV series based on the stories of this book broadcast from Iran's national television. The Tales of Madjid has got a fluidly readable language and its course of events tend to happen in a rather intimate atmosphere; Because of this very reason, even though the book is originally written for the adolescents, it has proved very popular among the adults too. This book has been nominated as the book of year in 1985 and, since then to the year 2014, has been republished 26 times.

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