Here, not far away from the Bridge
ISBN: 9789643119744
First print: 2012
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 216
Publisher: Qoqnoos Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
Here, not far away from the Bridge

The novel has three narrators- Roya, Mahtab and Aida who in different chapters provide a fascinating insight into the worlds of these girls: their perspectives on life, their actions and reactions, their inner world and achievements and disappointments. Each three narrator is different yet captivating and delightful taking away the reader along their journey.  The author cleverly choses three girls from three different parts of Iran portraying their efforts in grasping their individuality but also depicts young – born in the 80s- Iranian women’s search for a collective identity. The present-day approach of this brilliantly penned novel has resulted in its widespread fame among the Iranian youth. Yet in a wider scale, the book does also provide foreign readers with a deeper understanding of the issues of contemporary Iranian women; their solitude, social burdens and collective trends towards individualism. They face three major questions; Who have I been? Who I am now? And who will I be? Inevitably, every human being, regardless of their geographical location or culture, faces similar dilemmas.

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