I`m Probably Lost
Author: Sara Salar
ISBN: 9789643625429
First print: 2008
Last print: 4th, 2009
Main language: Persian
Page count: 143
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:

Germany: Kirchheim Publishing

I`m Probably Lost

She’s never had a friend before and when Gandom extends a hand of friendship, she seems to have no choice but to take it. The problem is she can’t stand Gandom but she can’t bear to be away from her either. In fact, she can’t say why they became friends in the first place. Maybe she wanted Gandom to fill in all the empty spaces she felt inside. Gandom’s absence frightens her and her kindness upsets her. Gandom comes from a wealthy family. She has everything she wishes for, is afraid of nothing on the face of this planet and doesn’t have a second thought about anything she wants to do. It’s behind Gandom that she can hide her fear. Through Gandom, she can attract attentionto herself. She compares all she’s never had with everything that Gandom has had and hates her for it. One day, she finally decides never to see Gandom again. Eight years on, that decision is affecting her life. She feels she’s lost something in the past that won’t let her go; that’s left her restless and distraught.

I’m Probably Lost tells the story of two girls from the south-eastern Iranian city of Zahedan, who become friends despite their starkly different personalities. One is full of energy and passion while the other is constantly battling societal norms and prohibitions. I’m Probably Lost is a courageous attempt to portray the life of a middle-aged well-to-do woman in Tehran who has lost touch with her feelings, identity and life goals.

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