Is it or not?
Author: Sara Salar
ISBN: 9786002291110
First print: 2014
Last print: 2nd, 2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 184
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
Is it or not?

“Is it or not” the second novel of Sara Salar, tells the story of a middle-aged woman on the verge of midlife crisis compelled to experience a new existence. A woman long passed her youth struggling to find a new identity. Our first encounter with the narrator is at the airport travelling to the death bed of an old lady. The narrator constantly worries about the impression she makes on the others or if she is still considered an attractive woman. Thoughts of leaving her husband Sina home alone consume her, what he will do and where he would do. As she boards the plane, meets and engages in a conversation with the man sitting next to her, her mind starts to race searching constantly for a purpose in her life. The man triggering the rush of thoughts in her head is Dr Amir Shams who would eventually play a major role in the life of the protagonist. “is it or not” is the story of the passage of an urban woman through her middle age, a period that arrives unalarmed and races forward in full speed towards death.

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