Gamasiab has No Fish
ISBN: 9789643808921
First print: 2013
Last print: 2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 258
Publisher: Saless
Translation rights sold:
Gamasiab has No Fish

Gamasiab Has No Fish is a novel that’s interwoven the stories of three different characters between the years 1979 and 1988. The first character, Ja’far is a village boy tired of the oppression inflicted on his people by feudal masters. He joins the ranks of revolutionaries who finally force Iran’s Shah to flee in 1979. During the subsequent eight-year war with Iraq, Ja’far turns into an experienced military commander. The second character, Susan is a young girl who joins one of the armed leftist/Islamic groups also fighting the Shah’s regime. After the victory of the revolution, the group gets involved in an armed rebellion against the new government and its members flee the country. Susan gradually discovers that the group’s objectives are a far cry from what she was ready to die for. Disappointed and hopeless, Susan feels she’s doomed. The third character, Pouran lives with her family in a border town close to the frontline and is always worried about someone from her family getting killed in the war. Pouran’s other concern is her younger sister Susan, a member of an armed anti-government group. Pouran and her family are not exempt from the charges raised against Susan. The author brings the three characters together at the end of the novel, when their fates overlap unexpectedly.



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