The Hymn of the Dead
ISBN: 9786006846439
First print: 2013
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 284
Publisher: Zavosh Publications
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The Hymn of the Dead

The Hymn of the Dead is a day in the life of Mandani, a retired Iran Oil Company worker as he reviews his tumultuous past. The story begins with the first oil well discovered in the country and ends with the nationalization of Iranian oil in the early 1950s. Mandani was working with the British drilling team when that first well was discovered. He saw first-hand how his fellow countrymen toiled and suffered and lost their lives under the immense workload, anonymous but to their close friends. Mandani became part of the freedom movement and lost his son to the cause. His body was never returned to the family. The Hymn of the Dead tells the story of a people whose lives were drastically transformed after the discovery of the black gold; people who endured years of oppression and exploitation. The author recounts how Iran’s oil-rich regions suddenly became a battleground for colonial powers that sought bigger profits at the cost of human lives.

Farhad Keshvari has picked an original theme for his novel and his straightforward narrative pulls readers into a story based on actual circumstances that have not been so thoroughly explored before.

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