Under the Carefree Afternoon Sun
Author: Jairan Gahan
ISBN: 9789643625757
First print: 2008
Last print: 3rd, 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 144
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
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Under the Carefree Afternoon Sun

A major Jewish feast is approaching and Mona is set to celebrate it alone. As she cleans up and prepares the special food, she starts to think about her past. Mona has been raised in a strictly traditional Jewish household. Like most Jewish families in Iran, her family is fond of singing and music. Mona can sing and play the taar. To learn more about her musical instrument, she visits Shahriar who owns a music shop. Mona and Shahriar soon fall in love but the young girl has to become a Muslim in order to marry the man she loves. Facing a difficult dilemma, Mona finally chooses to change her religion and marry Shahriar. She is disowned by her family, but life has shown Mona its loving side and she looks forward to the bright and happy days ahead. Can she rely on love alone to bear the separation from her family and the sense of loss following her conversion?

In her long story Under the Carefree Afternoon Sun, Jeyran Gahan touches on a topic that’s not been properly addressed before: Iran’s Jewish community. The author maintains an impartial perspective as she describes a Jewish family and its traditions and the way Jews relate with Muslims. The story is told through a stream of consciousness mode in a language that flows effortlessly.

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