The Color of Blood
ISBN: 9789640487334
First print: 2013
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 273
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
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The Color of Blood

Sima, the narrator of Roya Shakibaei’s novel The Color of Blood travels to Kabul as an employee of an international organization. But the trip to war-torn Afghanistan is really Sima’s escape from her problems in Tehran and a failed relationship. As soon as she’s in Kabul, Sima comes face to face with a mountain of problems. She faces the huge responsibility of organizing the chaotic situation in her office and developing a healthy relationship with her colleagues while coming to terms with life in a war-stricken city. Many of the local Afghans are pleased to see a woman from a neighbouring country that shares the same language with them. The many cultural similarities between Iran and Afghanistan meanpeople trust her more readily. Sima’s familiarity with the English language also allows her to act as a bridge between the Afghans and westerners. But tragedies and conflicts seem unending in a country like Afghanistan and Sima soon faces some serious challenges that threaten to force her out of the country. Amidst all the commotion though, Sima feels the weight of a new love in her heart.

Roya Shakibaei’s novel The Color of Blood is about the presence of an Iranian woman in a country that’s been the centre of media attention for years. Her main character Sima works for an international organization that’s been active in the field of women’s rights. Shakibaei offers a distinctively fresh perspective on this challenging theme.

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