The Backyard
ISBN: 9789643114275
First print: 2003
Last print: 3rd, 2007
Main language: Persian
Page count: 351
Publisher: Qoqnoos Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
The Backyard

"The Backyard", is Hassan Zadeh’s effort in demonstrating the unstable and ambiguous situation in post Iran-Iraq war. The ruins of two major Iranian cities-Abadan and Khoram Shahr, fading of formerly respected values and principles and desperate survivors bind in together under the framework of this exceptional novel. It is the story of an old friendship between six friends and compatriots and their unattained teenage love stories; the story of a discontented generation whose lives were ravaged after the 79’s revolution and then by the unfortunate war, so as if it was not for Ashor’s sister Sharife’s feminine dexterity, the six friends would never reunite for the rest of their lives. The narrator tells the story of this twelve year separation and the present situation of each character. Meanwhile the teenage love story of Sharife and Homayun is beautifully recounted amidst Ashor’s memories of war. Their house, once a school, war frontline and a field hospital, becomes the center of the universe with a fascinating story of its own, pulling each one back to their original starting point, after they leave under different pretexts. The gravity of thi focal point, Sharife’s house, is one of the main appealing features of this novel.

Awards: backyard was nominated for the national prizes “book of the year” ,”Golshiri literary award”, “mehregane adab and “ghalame zarrin” and it was chosen as the book of the year by the “adabe paydari” annual festival.

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