Welcome to Hades
ISBN: 9789643626501
First print: 2010
Last print: 4th, 2013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 203
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
Welcome to Hades

In her most provocative novel to date, Belgheys Soleimani talks about the passage from tradition to modernity in a strictly conventional society from the perspective of Iranian women. The author has weaved the troubles and adversities of contemporary Iranian woman into a consistent story identifiable by readers from all over the earth.

Rudabeh is a twenty year old girl from Soleimani’s favorite recurring village, who settles in Tehran. She is the youngest child of Lotfali Khan, a prominent and head member of a local tribe. Lotfali has no male heir which is considered a deficiency especially for a man of his rank and position. Rudabeh is now a student of Mechanical Engineering in Tehran University. Tehran is under fire in the ominous war days and Lotfali Khan cannot accept her daughter stranded alone in a strange city so he sends her along with her fiancé, Ehsan, to an old friend’s house, Yusuf Khan who keeps the memory of his unattained love with Rudabeh’s aunt. Many years have passed but Rudabeh’s uncanny resemblance to her aunt revives old memories for the old man. He attempts to drown his sorrows in alcohol, wild and drunk attacks Rudabeh in her sleep and violates her, tears her virginity changing the course of her life and tarnishing her hopes and dreams for the future.

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