The Rabbit Day
ISBN: 9786002290229
First print: 2012
Last print: 2nd, 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 120
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
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The Rabbit Day

Belgheis Soleimani has written a story according to the most of her novels and stories which turns around the pivot of a woman, although other bodies also come and pass in "The Rabbit Day", but the reader has known them all because of their relation with the first person. Very soon the writer leaves us between these two seasons with the personality of a dipolar woman who is the narrator of the story, she builds the circumstances of her story hero with the use of these contradictions. A hasty report about the situation of a woman who has come to her middle ages and is looking for a bit of tranquility, a tranquility which after being a day with this woman we will know is very far from her life.

The writer knows the contradiction and excite are pieces of today human potentiality and does not believe in a concrete existence in daily behaviors, or at least traces the people in her society who have the same situation: a woman who sometimes appear in the figure of an enlightened translator and writer, sometimes involve herself in relations and is ashamed of being divorced.

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