ISBN: 9789643916244
First print: 2010
Last print: 3nd, 2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 264
Publisher: kanoon Parvaresh Fekri
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“Hasti” is a twelve year old girl from Abadan (a border town and home to one of the largest refineries in Iran). Right from the first pages, Hasti’s uncanny character catches us by surprise, she is unlike any other teenage girl in her city; she is tenacious and plays the soccer. While the conservative society expects the girls her age to play with dolls, do needle work and dream of their wedding days, Hasti swims against the tide; she dresses as boys, cheers vehemently the Abadan football team, rides on motorbikes, plays soccer with boys, she even boasts about her techniques and quarrels. Yet one day this eccentric girl has an accident and breaks her arm while her behavior gets more and more beyond her father’s bearing. Hasti is now under the impression that dad would love her more if she was born a boy. Such speculations are highlighted by the birth of a baby boy in their family. Hasti has only her mother, Aunt Nasrin and Uncle Jamshid as her supporters who love her unconditionally unlike her father’s cruel reproach and judgments.

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