The 7th Bench by the Lake
ISBN: 9789643693008
First print: 2006
Last print: 4th, 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 81
Publisher: Ofoq
Translation rights sold:
The 7th Bench by the Lake

“Where does the world ends?” is the first short story from a collection of short stories entitled, The 7th Bench by the Lake. But where exactly does the world end? This very question sets Farhad Hassan Zadeh on a journey through the layers of young adult life connecting them to adulthood. This collection of seven short stories is best described as the author peeking with curious eyes into the lives of a generation of future Iranian adults.

The first two short stories tell the story of an oblivious teacher, ignorant of her teenage students and their need for privacy. “Second Class Jin” is about a boy named Majib whose nightly job prevents him from actively participating in classes, haunted by his troubled and weary life, Majib is the author’s objective portrayal of the bitter lives of working children and the inefficiency of the educational system in relation to their suffering and short-comings….

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