Yaylaq: Summer in Countryside
ISBN: 9789645068071
First print: 2009
Last print: 4th, 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 138
Publisher: Sureh Mehr
Translation rights sold:
Yaylaq: Summer in Countryside

In the third and final volume of “The Tales of Sabalan” trilogy, “Yaylaq: Summer in Countryside”, spring has finally arrived and Jalal and his friends have just passed their school exams. Jalal’s uncle pays a visit to their village and takes him to meet his grandparents but also experience the authentic life of nomadic tribes through their amazing journey in the lavish fields of northern Iran. With his uncles’ supervision, Jalal helps his teenage friend in pasturing their sheep. For Jalal, tribal life is even more thrilling, natural and beautiful than his days in their remote village. Jalal encounters Ghash’gha in the hillsides. Surviving the harsh winter, the horse- wild and free- strides in the abundance of the green fields. One night, while drinking from a spring, Jalal gets a chance of re-capturing Ghash’gha but eventually decides to set the animal free in nature.

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