On the Edge of Precipice
ISBN: 9789645067791
First print: 2009
Last print: 3rd, 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 96
Publisher: Sureh Mehr
Translation rights sold:
On the Edge of Precipice

In the second volume of “The Tales of Sabalan” trilogy , “On the Edge of Precipice”, in the persisting winter cold, Jalal and his mother struggle to overcome all odds for a better life in spring. Their foremost challenge is providing fodder for their sheep. The starvation is so severe that many of the livestock in the village have perished including Mash Nosrat’s donkey. The second volume opens to the scene of the starved animal carried to the edge of a precipice.

Jalal’s mother makes the heart-breaking decision of selling their horse, Ghash’gha, the very animal that saved Jalal and the doctor’s lives and rescued the father from an attack of wolves. Despite the old age of the horse, Jalal resists. Yet his efforts are futile and after a long search a neighbor offers an insignificant amount for the animal, willing to kill and feed it to his shepherd dog. Jalal refuses and takes back Ghash’gha taking it to the mountains in hopes that it will survive feeding on frozen grass and the attacks of hungry wolves…

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