The Mountain Called Me
ISBN: 9789644716515
First print: 2008
Last print: 8th, 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 119
Publisher: Soore Mehr
Translation rights sold:
The Mountain Called Me

Jalal is a teenage boy who lives with his family in a mountainous village in western Iran. His father has fallen ill and Jalal has to head to a nearby village with his horse Ghashgha to fetch the local doctor. But the mountainous path is full of snow and hungry wolves. With the help of his horse Gashgha and through his own ingenuity, Jalal finally finds the doctor and brings him home. But the local doctor declares there is nothing he can do. He advises the family to take their patient to the city. Jalal’s father has a turn for the worse and dies soon afterwards. In his final moments, he asks Jalal to take care of the family. But Jalal’s mother is not prepared to give him serious responsibilities, believing he is still too young. Jalal wants to show his mother that he is old enough to be trusted. Soon enough, he has the perfect opportunity.  His uncle is heading to the mountains for a hunting expedition and Jalal secretly decides to follow him.

In his novel The Mountain Called Me, Mohammad Reza Bayrami weaves the themes of adolescence and responsibility into a charmingly captivating story.


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