We Chew Grenades
ISBN: 9786001195853
First print: 2012
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 58
Publisher: Ghatreh Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
We Chew Grenades

“We Chew Grenades” is a poetic protest of children against war and global violence, heart-felt words that find music as the sole and most familiar notion of peace and solidarity; the unconventional story of children’s friendship with unfamiliar wise minds.

The universe of the book, despite its similarities to our world, is an utterly different place; a place where sometimes even a grenade cries, giggles, despises itself or a copper sieve envies childishly, takes refuge in a corner of the kitchen thinking about its destiny; a red velvet box keeps the extraordinary tales of Polish women hidden in its chest till the day the curious ears of a young girl in love asks for its hidden secrets. This is a world with children as protagonists but inhibited by creatures only they can hear and communicate with.

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