The Pomegranate Smile
ISBN: 9789645643599
First print: 1999
Last print: 12th, 2013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 187
Publisher: Moin Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
The Pomegranate Smile

The Pomegranate Smile gathers the most charming and humorous stories written by Hoshand Moradi Kermani for young adult readers, having been unanimously named as the most important short story collection of Kermani by prominent Iranian literary magazines. What makes this collection exceptional, is not only the author’s subtleness in tackling the most private human emotions or his smooth intimate tone but the audacity he demonstrates in telling the most ingenious and touching stories. Diversity in creating characters is the second most significant feature of this collection, each and every person delicately shaped and brought to life making it impossible to choose which one is more real, more identifiable or more fascinating. The consistency of each and every story binds the collection together in a way no single one could be chosen to present separately.

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