The Cushion
ISBN: 9789641650300
First print: 2009
Last print: 5th, 20013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 160
Publisher: Moin Publishing House
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The Cushion

The Cushion

By Houshang Moradi Kermani

“The Cushion” starts with the yells of a street seller, placing five zucchini seeds in the shape of a question mark on a cushion, selling each a thousand Tomans. The uncanny yet brisk beginning takes Kermani’s readers into a new territory of fantasy, previously unfamiliar to his devoted fans, young and old, child or grown-up. The story is one filled with adventures and lots of ups and downs. The zucchini seeds reveal their magical qualities when placed on a cushion, they grant immense intelligence to those who eat them; thus they are named, “Seeds of Intelligence”. The first person who eats one is Agha Masha’lla. He withdraws all his savings from the bank and returns home to reveal his discovery. Masha’lla’s wife plants a seed and starts growing them. Sad from her husband’s insomnia she believes the more you know, the more you will suffer, giving him the seeds to sell to others. The wife’s reaction shapes the deepest concept of the book, is it true that the more knowledge we acquire, life would get harder? At this critical point the protagonist appears, Mehraban buys a seed and eats it. So the adventure begins.

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